Financial institutions around the world use P2D Analytics to improve the efficiency and performance of their businesses, by gaining in-depth access to and intuitive visibility of the trading and market data that fuels their operations. Trading: Decoded.

Find out more about P2D Analytics: what it is, its decode, storage, analytics and reporting capabilities and what makes our products and technology stand out from the crowd.

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See how P2D Analytics provides customisable, timely financial analysis throughout the financial industry, for market data teams, network teams, traders and exchanges.

Learn more about our global network of partners, how you could become a partner, our support services and get your product and technology questions answered.

Find out why financial institutions around the world select P2D Analytics for their applications and learn a little more about our company, our management team, and how to contact us.


We focus on finance and only finance, and we understand your business. Whether you need performance metrics, latency figures, market data detail or records of every trading transaction, or to access historical information, P2D Analytics provides all this and more.


With P2D Analytics, every market data message and every trading message can be fully decoded and made available to you in real time or stored for historical access and reporting, with support for an ever-expanding list of market and timestamping protocols.

Whether it is for operational visibility, regulatory compliance, latency troubleshooting, or overall performance business improvement, P2D Analytics provides you with the performance and business level data you need, in real time and customisable to your requirements: understand and analyse all the market and trading data that keeps your business moving. Combine all this functionality with a cost-effective, easy to deploy, open platform with unparalleled flexibility, and it is easy to see why our customers select us.

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